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About NeuroGaint - Chip Solutions Done Right

NeuroGaint is a specialist in Chip Solutions, a rapidly growing company with over 20+ years of combined experience in semiconductor chip design and production. We specialize in converting complex Chip Level blue prints to Silicon Solutions that matter.

Our uniquely talented design engineers believe in executing the highest quality technology design services, backed by specialized skills developed from designing semiconductor solutions and embedded software.

Our Capabilities

Provide customized services & solutions to our clients, helping them to build next generation, cutting edge technology products.

Strategy and Planning

Defining a verification strategy with adequate planning


Reliable verification estimations and schedules

In-depth Understanding

Strong understanding of architecture and verification requirements


Reuse of the core components


Predicting and planning scalability


Smart tracking of verification milestones from onset

The NeuroGaint Process to Chip Solutions at a Glance

NeuroGaint is dedicated to providing the best in class services to create the right kind of chip solutions that will closely address your semiconductor requirements:

  • Get access to the best design abstraction services in digital circuit design through our RTL Development services. Our design engineers work with a wide range of high level hardware representations including Verilog and VHDL and the versatile System C.
  • Rely on us for the most high-performance RTL verification services that will help unravel discrepancies instantly, leading to high quality designs. We specialize in UVM/OVM, Vera and System Verilog and System C to provide verification services that act as crucibles for innovative integrated circuit designs.
  • Experience the most practical approaches to validation in integrated circuit design through our planned methodologies in lab debugging, chip bring-up, boot and SW/FW debugging.
  • Ensure functional viability of your silicon circuits through our expertise In the FPGA prototyping and get your product out into the market with high level of confidence.
  • Guarantee precise and on target Physical design for your intended semiconductor solutions with the industry standard practices tied to synthesis, timing, P & R.
  • Support your micro hardware systems through our Embedded firmware / software, developed and tested thoroughly to ensure your devices are backed by the right algorithm designed for robustness and high performance.

Why Choose NeuroGaint for Your Chip Design Requirements

NeuroGaint will closely align with your requirements to deliver the best in class services. We work with you on several levels along the design and production process to ensure your Chipset is produced in line with the latest industry standards:

  • Close Alignment with Your Requirements - Integrated circuit design is gaining center stage in the electronics engineering market. With chip design taking on both analog and design flanks of the circuit design market, meticulousness matters most for producing the best silicon circuit that execute design requirements accurately from blueprints.
  • Specialized Expertise and Personal Attention to Detail - Specialized industry experts at NeuroGaint carefully oversee each of the processes plugging together to execute the most effective semiconductor design process. Equipped with skillsets related to a number of domains including ASIC / FPGA, ARM, RISC processor technology, imaging, GPU computer vision, peripheral PCIE, USB SATA and HDMI, our team ensures that your chipsets are closely aligned to perform the intended function.
  • Experienced Engineers Oversee every Aspect of the Design Process - We have a well-equipped team of Verification Engineers, Physical Design Engineers and RTL design Engineers with extensive experience in their domains, with over ten decades of experience in the subtle circuit industry.
  • Strategic Alliances for the best Product Delivery – At NeuroGaint, we form the right strategic alliances to create leverage along our supply chain and ensure that only the most high quality chipsets are delivered to you.
  • Rapid Expansion Plans and Full Process Control – NeuroGaint is a rapidly growing enterprise, planning to build a base of 100+ engineers by the end of 2022. With the vision of serving new customers and expanding our customer portfolio into North America, we plan to expand our expertise and control full cycle design services, navigating into IOT space in the near future.
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