Many pundits define strategy in many ways such as “a set of choices about winning” or “an integrated set of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.” Strategy should bring clarity to the uniqueness, direction, and activities of an organization.

At NeuroGaint, we are on a mission to “deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions using best-fit technologies and consistently exceeding customer expectations through continual improvement of products and processes.”

Our vision is to be an “Admired organization for pioneering cutting-edge solutions for every customer success.”

We will be driven by our core values

  1. Customer-centric
  2. Pioneering
  3. Empathy
  4. Integrity

For us, strategy is all about making the right choices among the available options based on internal capability and external factors. At first, we have deliberated internally on our strategic focus areas and strategic plans. In order to sharpen our strategy, we shared the details with industry experts from diverse fields, who have been there and seen it all. We continue to follow this process of consultation with various stakeholders such as customers, experts and partners and continuously evolve our strategy for the next five years. At this moment, we have received valuable inputs from the numerous interactive sessions, and we went back to the drawing board to develop further details by deep diving into specific areas such as (1) our offerings, (2) focus sectors, (3) short-term and long-term plans, (4) certifications and (5) people competency building. We believe that these inputs will take us a long way and we will fondly remember these formative days in our long journey to bring strong success to our customers, partners and employees. NeuroGaint places on record deep appreciation for valuable inputs received from the experts and thank them for their time.

We are also aware that execution of strategy is equally important as defining our strategy, and we are focusing on execution excellence in all aspects of our operations. We have initiated process framework using ISO to implement a well-defined process structure and these processes will set us up for consistency and improvement.

Another aspect is culture building in the organization, as culture is very integral part of any organization. We are focusing on various aspects of the organizational culture.

We are open to views, ideas, experiences and suggestions.

Stay tuned.

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