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NeuroGaint Systems helps companies build and scale faster better leaving the manual work behind and embrace an automated collaborative and agile work environment.

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The superpower of Cloud & DevOps at your service

Meet your business challenges with the emerging cloud solutions and service from NeuroGaint Systems, including compute, data management, hybrid & multi-cloud, and whatnot!

DevOps – the seamless flow from development to IT operations – is that superpower. With us, DevOps is about delivering technology change at the speed you demand. We have seen it be truly transformational.

What can we do?

Cloud Migration

We help in moving your data to the cloud and secure path for you to enjoy speed, agility, flexibility and scale capacity./p>

Azure, AWS Cloud Services

Cloud Partner - migration, infrastructure design, implementation and support. We also support and manage cloud computing, AI/ML engine, Disaster Planning, Web Services etc.

Analysis of Data

We pride ourselves on deriving truth and insight from any structured or unstructured data to identify and analyze the data Statistically and Graphically.

Continuous Integration

We help to put CI practices into place, our developers has experience in using Azure, Jenkins, TravisCI, Hudson, Bamboo, CircleCI to name a few. Our CI experts will work with you to determine which CI tool will deliver the best results for your organization.

Continuous Delivery

A key advantage of CD is immediate deployability. With an approach based on a streamlined, automated process, from building and testing to the release itself, our Continuous Delivery experts will help you reduce your deployment risk while enabling you to see deployments in production.

Automated Monitoring

We help customers achieve fully automated monitoring interface from Creation of active metrics associated with data response times, CPU usage, load-balance alarms, exceptions etc. to establishing end-to-end application performance and stability, by identifying and leveraging preventative tasks on-demand and more.

Our Approach

Develop with NeuroGaint Systems

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We hit the ground by learning your company's needs and challenges

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We assess all the aspects of your organization and find the right design model.

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Achieving a scalable & sustainable goal through translating the design vision.

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We help your organization faster the adoption and implementation.

Use Cases

Our Customer Stories

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Using Mature DevOps and Kubernetes Container Orchestration to Deploy Applications Worldwide

A worldwide insurance platform growing their operations wanted to make it easy for their engineers to ship applications from dev through a mature CI/CD pipeline into production. They desired to containerize all their applications for parity between environments, so that they could meet the scaling challenges that were quickly coming their way. Multi-region resiliency, role based access controls, and other international regulatory restrictions were all required.


The engineering team is distributed worldwide so communication and collaboration between them is critical. Operations had to be automated from the time an engineer checked in code and made a pull request to the time it was deployed into production. We leveraged containerization tools such as Docker and Kubernetes to set up their infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. This allowed the team to deploy an account per environment, with a management account that oversees all operations between them all, as well as monitors, aggregates logs, and runs a Chef and CI/CD server. Each environment contains a Kubernetes cluster, with various supporting services running alongside the teams software. Chef is utilized to provision the various resources in Amazon Web Services, from a central OpsWorks-Managed Chef Server in the management account. Basic cookbooks provision VPNs, and highly available Etcd backends, masters and nodes to ensure resiliency. Open source tools like Jenkins, Elasticsearch, and Sensu are leveraged.


  • Environments are all created via AWS Cloudformation and Chef Cookbooks, and control the standing up and maintenance of VPCs, VPNs, monitoring stacks, and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Applications are written and checked into Version Control. Once changes are detected, Jenkins on Kubernetes starts the build process, which creates a Docker image and ships it to the EC2 Container Registry.
  • Monitoring the applications allows engineers the ability to instantly detect issues with their deployments and alert the team.
  • The engineering team is able to Build, Test, Deploy, and Monitor their work without having to be involved in the infrastructure at all.

Streamlining DevOps Principals through Automation

Client was undergoing a significant platform upgrade. The client migrated their JVM based payment application to a modular containerized service based architecture built with Spring Boot and needed to adopt modern DevOps infrastructure principals to quickly scale and deploy services.


TScalability was critical because our client needed to be able to elastically scale its services without consuming precious engineering resources. Our client runs its entire cloud-based IT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a startup, they we’re very meticulous about where we invested our time. We focused on automation through continuous delivery and leveraging open-source tools such as Jenkins, Chef, Packer and Docker.


  • Using containers and a microservice architecture together with automation enhanced their cloud capabilities.
  • Microservices are scalable and reusable, while containers supply efficient resource management.
  • Both microservices and containers can work independently, but it has become clear that merging them has improved runtime frequency, deployments and overall application efficiency.
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Hybrid Cloud Platform Becomes a Reality with Cloud & DevOps

With a complex IT environment made up of disparate systems, the Company saw integration as a driving force of continued business growth. The variety of application server platforms included WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat and Glassfish, a mix that slowed productivity, lengthened application development and maintenance cycles and opened the Company up to security and compliance risks. Concurrently, the Company wanted to generate new revenue streams by implementing a mobile platform for retail store credit applications.


We shared a vision of a first-of-its-kind hybrid cloud platform built on cloud and devops System. The solution simplifies and automates application deployment and ongoing maintenance using custom-built patterns, resulting in increased speed, consistency and repeatability across the enterprise.


  • With pattern-driven IT optimization, the Company now has a centralized environment that supports transactional web and database applications while lowering IT operational costs and improves security between physical hardware and virtual platforms.
  • Provisioning time has been reduced from months to minutes and deployment steps have been streamlined and consolidated, greatly improving productivity and enabling greater agility to roll out new and updated application functionality
  • The solution has also reduced the number of manual, repetitive administration tasks, further enhancing productivity while minimizing risk of errors
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