Big Data

Customized Hadoop framework implementation and workflow optimization, continuous support to platform consumers

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Business workload characterization and forecasting considering the scale of business needs along with resiliency and HA. Capacity planning including both on-prem and cloud

  • Cluster setup to Application implementations and Dashboard / Reporting
  • Data sourcing, Data cleaning, Data pipelines, Data governance, Data quality , Data Management and Data modeling

What we offer

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RDBMS to Hadoop Migration

Data migration from RDBMS to Hadoop with best practices like: built-in data-type conversions, transformers, look-up matching, aggregations, Robust metadata, data lineage, and data modeling capabilities. This can be achieved at cheaper storage cost if in case of data archival / cold data.

Data Lake Solutions

Data lake solutions combine cost-effective, enterprise-grade open source technology with real-time analytic capabilities by accepting the data in its native format from a variety of data sources

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Data Pipeline

To manage volume, variety, and velocity of data, our experienced data engineering teams build Data Pipelines that have integrated quality checks to process stream (real-time) or batch (historical) data.

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